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Av Melinda - 27 januari 2011 11:34

I don’t consider myself as a daredevil. I mean the thought of leaping off a plane at 4000 meters altitude with a parachute strapped on my back really is ridiculous! Who in their right mind would trust their life in a piece of fabric!
Although, I’m not really afraid of speed.
Me and my family have been going on a skiing vacation almost every year since I was four years old. So I feel pretty at home up on the snowy mountains. Sometimes when me and my brother are going down a black slope and it’s completely empty of people, one glance on each other will be enough for it to end in a downhill race. I actually love that, hearing the roar of the wind in your ears as you dash forward in a really high speed. And yet you feel in total control of your skis. I also love the feeling when the hill level out because when you have that much speed the g-force will be pretty big. It feels kind of like someone is trying to smush you to the ground and that’s when you have to keep yourself standing.
Another example I have that proves that I like speed is my riding, I’ve been riding for ten years now and every year, (starting six years ago) me and some friends have been going to a riding camp. There are the best places of riding ever! There is one galloping course and the horses really know they’re supposed to go fast there, and they go as fast as they possibly can. But my favorite place is out in the water. There is a sandbank about fifteen meters from shore. It’s about two meters wide and seven hundred meters long and when the water is low you can ride on it. When that happens we always canter back and forth, trying not to think about that if you get thrown off you’ll be WET!
Thinking about what I just wrote, maybe I am a little bit of a daredevil after all. For me it’s scarier to talk in front of a large group of people than it is on the back of a horse that’s trying to throw me off.

Av Melinda - 10 november 2010 10:37

Not too long ago I bought something really stupid that i could really live whithout. It was a really small whiteboard, the size of a regular notepad. I thought I would use it to wright the schedule of my week. And as soon as I got home I did. Only it didn't really work as a normal whiteboard, because if you don't erase what you have written whithin five minutes. It will become permanent and you will need pretty strong chemicals to get rid of what you have written. so after using it only once or twice I hid it in my closet. 
Once in a while you buy really stupid things, but I guess its a way of learning what to buy and what not to buy. And one thing is for sure I will stick to regular paper or my computer when I want to keep track on my schedule.

Av Melinda - 22 oktober 2010 11:17

When we got this assignment, the first thing i thought of to wright about was the ICA commercials. I mean who doesn't love them? But at second thought, everyone else will probably wright about them so I'm going to tell you about another commercial.
I always hate it when the show host or hostess says: "we'll be right back!". If the companies that make the commercials puts a litle more effort into making them more funny to watch, then more people would actually see them instead of switching the channals. I think they should be more like ICA or Old spice, which i have chosen to wright about.Its a commercial that doesn't run on Swedish television. And my brother was the one who showed it to me on Youtube and they are all hilarious!  The layout of the comercial is Kind of weird and one of a kind. There is this guy walking around in a random place, talking about really strange things, so you have to really listen so you can hear what he is saying. Maybe the best way to describe them would be to just say that they are random. I think you have to have kind of a twisted sense of humor to find them funny but maybe thats what I have.
Since there is rally no good way to descibe it to somone who has never seen them before, I will just have to ask you to see it for yourself: 


Av Melinda - 20 oktober 2010 11:11

Reflect and share
1. What product placements have you noticed in films?
One product placement i have really noticed is that the car Volvo appears in movies all the time. Actually I find it difficult to find a movie with at least five cars shown where a volvo is not one of them. 
Another product placement i usually notice is furniture from IKEA. I mean its not really common that they show the actual brand IKEA but you recognise so many of their things so i think it counts as a product placement.
2. In your opinion, what are the pros and cons of product placement? 
Of couse product placement could be a risk as well as an advantage. Sometimes you can associate a bad event with the product that the movie is using.
3. What product placement can you see on your computer? In games? Ore chat sites?
 Product placements exist everywhere. I think growing up with it all around you makes you notice it less. But if i am going to try to think of one it would be cellphone ore other similar product placements.

Av Melinda - 20 oktober 2010 10:53

This is a blog created to be used for english class. Here I will post all kinds of things related to english class for example  my thoughts on assignments, homework and other texts. 
Hopefully i will be able to use this blog during my three years here at Spyken and fill it up with texts about my classes and assignments.



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